Where The Leaf Came From



Thousands of photos shot over days in my studio is what it took to crack the secret to photographing this little cannabis plant clone.  Ultimately leading to my copyrighted pot leaf shape that has inspired an entire line of merchandise.

I began with the model & vision, I just needed time with both. Ended up needing all of my equipment & years of experience to get the picture & shape to come out the way I had envisioned.


I found photographing her to be not as easy as I thought.

I went in thinking I would simply pluck leafs off & shoot them separately. However leaves die only minutes after being removed & I needed these to look healthy for the photos. I realized I not only had to keep the leaves on the plant alive but also grow the plant to be a usable model for me to



Now I’m gardening & photographing at the same time in my studio.

It took me a while to figure out the right way to compose the images. Hard to make a plant not look…well…like just a plant in a photo. Plants absorb light as well as reflect light. I had to spend a long time finding the right angles to shine light on my little clone. It was tricky finding her good side.


After a few days in the studio & a couple weeks of bonsai style growing my girl's photos began to take shape. When lit the right way her leafs looked miraculous!

Vibrant, rich green colors with fine detailed leaf edges & veins structures all catching brilliant sleek highlights. I was very pleased.

The legendary pot leaf photo was born & from it I used the "perfect" shape to create many different designs. Designs that materialized into high quality accessories as well a breath taking series of photographs.

Leaf Series PHOTO Labels.jpg